About us

Our mission is feeding the hungry and the poor in spirit. 

Our vision is a community free of hunger and rich in spirit.

Our method is changing lives through humble service, passionate worship, and extravagant generosity.


Rev. Ross Baker, pastor

Michael Stephenson, Emmaus Road worship leader

Liz Berghout, accompanist

Shari Van Baale, church secretary

What we believe

United Methodists share a common heritage with all Christians. Still, there are some things that make us distinctive. The United Methodist Church was formed in a merger of other denominations in 1968, but its roots go back to 1736 to a religious movement sparked by two Anglican priests, John and Charles Wesley. Their unique synthesis of personal holiness and social action remains central to Methodism and the Wesleyan movement today.

Some local history

Methodists began gathering in these parts in 1857 in communities called McCamish and Lanesfield. Those places died out when the railroad passed them by, and people followed the railroad to Edgerton. Our present building was built in 1913. The addition to the west was built with mostly volunteer labor and dedicated in November 1997. And, yes, the railroad is still important Edgerton – and the BNSF Intermodal facility and nearby warehouses are vital to our future.